White Code

on the slope

  1. Consideration for other persons

    Everyone on the ski slope must behave in such a way that they do not endanger others or cause harm to themselves or others.

  2. Speed and driving mode control

    Anyone on a ski slope must adapt their speed to their ability, capabilities, terrain, snow conditions and the number of people on the slope.

  3. Choice of direction

    Anyone travelling on the ski slope must choose the direction of travel so as not to endanger persons on the ski slope in front of them and at the same time must keep a sufficient distance from persons on the ski slope.

  4. Overtaking

    Overtaking may be done from the right or from the left so that the person being overtaken has sufficient room for the direction and manner of travel.

  5. Entering the track and starting after stopping

    Anyone entering a ski slope or wishing to resume movement on the slope after stopping must ensure that another person is not approaching from above or below so as not to endanger themselves or others.

  6. Stopping and standing

    Anyone travelling on a ski slope must not stop and stand on narrow and obstructed parts of the ski slope without good reason. The person who has fallen must leave the place as quickly as possible.

  7. Ascent and descent

    A person ascending or descending a ski slope must use the edge of the ski slope.

  8. Respect for signalling and markings

    Everyone on the ski trails is obliged to respect the signs and signals on the trails.

  9. Provision of first aid

    In the event of an accident, everyone is obliged to provide first aid and call an authorised person from the Mountain Rescue Service (HZS – telephone numbers: 18 300, 112, or 041 5695232, 0903 624 028).

  10. Ski track modification

    Everyone is obliged to follow the instructions of the ski slope operator during the ski slope grooming.

  11. Identification

    Everyone, whether a participant in an accident or a witness, is obliged to provide basic information about his or her person

  12. Protective helmet

    A skier under 15 years of age is obliged to protect his/her head on the ski slope with a properly fitted protective helmet.