The Jánošíkové Diery trail

Length of route
4,4 km
Total time
01:30 h
186 m
Suitable for children

Jánošík’s Holes, or just Holes for short, is a system of beautiful gorges and canyons in Krivanská Mala Fatra. It is located in the Rozsutec National Nature Reserve. The mentioned nature trail is a part of the Lower and New Holes, where there are waterfalls, benches, ladders and especially beautiful corners. It is also suitable for families with children, because the crossings over the Dier Stream, flowing through the canyon, are on wooden footbridges with railings.

Start your hike along the nature trail in the Biely Potok section, where you can park in front of the Hotel Diery. Behind the hotel, the blue trail starts, which after 25 minutes will lead you to perhaps the most beautiful part of Dier – Ostrvný. Here you can enjoy the huge rock canyon, through which flows the already mentioned Dierový brook. After it, follow the yellow trail through Nové díry towards Podžiar. In the first half of the trail, ladders and benches await you over waterfalls and along rocky walls. You have a lot to look forward to. When the ladders are over, you will cross the forest on a trail with signposts and two lookout points. The New Holes end with the fire. In the small wooden house you will find a buffet where you can refresh yourself and sit for a while on the benches or in the meadow by the water. Return via Dolné díry following the blue trail. It will take you to the hotel Diery in about 40 minutes. The length of the trail is about 5 km and takes 2 hours. The gradient is 165 m. If you don’t want to return to Hotel Diery because you came by bus or on foot, follow the yellow sign from Podžiar to Štefanová. The journey there takes only 20 min. From there you can get to Terchova on foot (about 1:00 h), by bus or by tourist train. The more courageous ones can rent profi scooters, which they will return after the ride at the station in Terchova under the statue of Jánošík.