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Cabin lift Chleb operates FRIDAYS to SUNDAYS from 9AM to 4 PM (every hour) depending on weather conditions.

The national park Malá Fatra is located in North of Slovakia in Krivánska Malá Fatra – the northern part of Malá Fatra mountains. The varied geological composition and altitude of the mountain determine the existence of rich fauna and flora and also the variety of forms of the relief. THe highest peak is Veľký Kriváň -  1709 meters above sea level. Another important peak is Veľký Rozsutec, which you can find in national park logo. Vrátna valley is surrounded by Boboty, Veľký Rozsutec, Stoh, Poludňový grúň, Chleb, Veľký Kriváň, Kraviarske, Baraniarky and Sokolie. Acces to all the peaks is allowed. In addition to these peaks, Terchová is full of marked tourist paths of various difficulty. Various massive rocks, waterfalls and nooks attract many tourists each year.

Terchová village, known mostly thanks to national hero Jánošík and its traditions, is the best starting point of hikes to Krivánska part of Malá Fatra, which is considered one of the most beautiful mountains in Slovakia.  

The nature is majestic in the whole valley and you just need to choose the right path or to try all of them. For example:


Hotel Boboty – – Podžiar – Dolné Diery – Biely potok – Hotel Diery – Nové diery - Hotel Boboty

09:00 – leaving hotel Boboty – direction odchod z hotela Boboty – direction "educational trail Diery" - Podžiar: walking about 20 min. Nice not difficult journey throught picturesque landscape.  

09:25 - Podžiar is a saddle with a meadow in front of Biely potok, from je sedielko s lúčkou popri Bielom potoku, from which you can continue to both gorges Dolné a Horné Diery.

09:30 – continue to blue mark – direction Dolné Diery

10:00 – Ostrvné is a place, where the trail connects to blue mark and here also begins the last section of the gorge Dolné Diery – direction Biely potok about 25 min.

10:25 - Biely potok - hotel "Diery" – here you can enjoy good food, or to have a drink in Terchovská hut.

10:30 – Back along the blue mark to Ostrvné about 25min.

10:55 - Ostrvné – from there follow the yellow mark direction Nové diery – Beautiful rock walls and waterwalls line the sidewalk. A gorge is accessible by ladders in particularly inaccessible places.

11:25 - Podžiar – from there continu to hotel Boboty

11:45 - Hotel Boboty

Due to the limited capacity of ladders we recommend to complete this circuit down to the blue mark by Dolné diery and up following the yellow mark to Nové diery. 

Cabin lift Chleb operates FRIDAYS to SUNDAYS from 9AM to 4 PM (every hour) depending on weather conditions.


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