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Cabin lift Chleb operates daily. MONDAYS to FRIDAYS from 9AM to 4:30 PM (every hour) and SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS from 08:30AM to 5PM depending on weather conditions.
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General information about Vrátna valley
VRÁTNA MALÁ FATRA – a Place Where you always want to return

VRÁTNA Malá Fatra is a tourist center, where you can enjoy traditional winter activities, but also the summer. Vrátna is located in the heart of national park Malá Fatra, that is why its biggest landmark is mainly the beautiful nature, but also Terchová village 3 km away, known mainly thanks to the national hero Juraj Jánošík.

Thanks to its exceptional location, the resort is a popular tourist destination. Vrátna consists of three localities - Paseky, Poludňový Grúň a Chleb. Of course, there is many others nooks and valleys in Vrátna valley, where you can go in the summer. However these three locations form our year-round resort Vrátna Malá Fatra. If you are looking for a place for an active spending of free time in beautiful environment, come and enjoy nature in Vrátna. Paseky is a favorite location not only in the winter, but also in the summer. It can be a great start for hiking or a small stop during your day in Vrátna. In addition to 4-seater cable car, which shorten your way to Poludňový Grúň, there are also cycle paths, which are not only for adrenaline enthusiasts, but also for families with children.

There are several tourist paths in Poludňový Grúň, from which you can choose the best one for you. If Poludňový Grúň is an intermediate stop for you, stop in Chata na Grúni, where you can sunbathe and enjoy a refreshment with a view on the peaks of Malá Fatra. From Poludňový Grúň, you can walk along the tourist path to the parking lot next to the lower station of cabin lift Chleb or walk down Paseky, from where you can easily transport yourself, to Terchová for example.

Location Paseky and Poludňový Grúň are the places for relax, family well-being, but if you want to enjoy something with majestic view, the location Chleb is the place you are looking for. Chleb is located in 1647 meters above sea level. You will get to Snilovské saddle by favorite 8-seater cabin lift Chleb. If you don´t want to tak a lift and want to hike, under the cabin lift there is a hiking trail, which also takes you to the top. At the upper station of cabin lift KLD Chleb there is a Panorama restaurant with a sunny terrace. Panorama is a good starting point for a hike or a walk in the surroundings. From Chleb you can get along the ridge to Poludňový Grúň and then to Paseky. Snilovské saddle is of course a starting point for many hiking trails. You can hike the highest peak of Krivánska Malá Fatra - Veľký Kriváň (1709 m above sea level) or you can get along the ridge to Stoh (1608 m n.m.). The ridge of Krivánska Malá Fatra represents the crossing of this mountain range along the red marked path from Strečno to Zázrivá. If you want just a short walk and relax, there is Chata pod Chlebom, (a cottage), where you can have a relax on a sunny terrace, while children can play on the playground. That is why this place is perfect for a family trip.
The view, that you will see on the way to the top station is what makes Chleb location unique. Come to enjoy the nature on the sunny terrace, let yourself to be carried away by the view and to draw the energy to the next days here in Malá Fatra. 

If you have questions about the resort operation, do not hesitate to come and ask in person in our cash registers, or you can contact us on phone number +421 903 266 231 at the e-mail address

Cabin lift Chleb operates daily. MONDAYS to FRIDAYS from 9AM to 4:30 PM (every hour) and SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS from 08:30AM to 5PM depending on weather conditions.
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