Hiking with children

Hiking with children is, in our opinion, an ideal way to make use of precious free time and to spend time with children. It’s an opportunity to teach them a lot and at the same time do something for yourself – your body and your mind. You will surely be rewarded with unforgettable experiences together.

How to captivate the little adventurers so that the trip is snort-free?

Choose a suitable route for children

When planning a hiking trip with children, it is important to choose a route that is appropriate for their age and abilities. Choose an easier route with minimal elevation gain and sufficient rest stops. Be sure to check if the route is suitable for a pushchair if you have small children.

Include adventure activities

To keep your children engaged during the trip, include smaller activities in the plan. During the hike it can be, for example, observing an anthill, looking for insects in hidden places (under stones or tree bark), looking for animal tracks, listening to birds singing, guessing words on the theme of nature on a selected letter of the alphabet, etc. During the rest stop, you can play a tactile recognition game: children with their eyes closed try to guess objects by touch – e.g. a pine cone, moss, a twig with needles – there are no limits to your imagination. At the same time, they learn to perceive the world through other senses.

Don’t forget the refreshments

When hiking with children, it is important to always carry enough snacks, including small “snacks” and, of course, plenty of water. Kids are likely to have an increased appetite during an active day in the fresh air, so always having “something good” in your backpack is guaranteed to help.

Involve children in the planning

If you want your kids to feel like part of the team on the trip, involve them in the planning. Deciding together on the route, activities or food can help to make children look forward to the trip that little bit more.