Cycling route Terchová – Zázrivá – Plešivá – Zázrivá – Biela

Length of route
40 km
Total time
03:00 h
1951 m

At this stage you will experience a 4x peak with gradual dosing. You will start on the asphalt – green cycle path, direction Šípková – Jánošovci – Smrekovci. In the settlement of Smrekovci turn left and enjoy the first technical climb. It’s not long, but you will sweat. Follow the signs well here. After crossing the meadow there is a small hill and a downhill, from which it is necessary to turn left into the settlement. You are still on the green and continue next to the gas pipeline, direction Zázrivá, with the first nice views of the Little Fatra and Rozsutec, until you reach the I. peak above the saddle Rovná hora (861 m) n. m.). From here go down, watch out for the descent to the village of Zázrivá, there are quite a few stones in the last section and it is difficult to brake. When you reach the village, turn right onto the yellow cycle shortcut. When you come to the next crossroads, turn right again and follow the main road towards Dolný Kubín. Here, follow the left part of the road and after about 280 m there will be a footbridge over a stream, which will take you to the other side. From the footbridge turn right and after about 50 m turn left onto the green cycle path, direction Zázrivá – Plešivá. Here you start to climb again, gradually you will reach II. top of the stage (862 m n. m.). This section goes quite well (from the village to the top about 25 min.). Here we recommend to replenish fluids and sugars. You are halfway through the stage.

You will have to work out your arms and legs, you will have about 6-minute downhill. Go down to the main road, which you cross perpendicularly, in the direction of Zázrivá – Biela. Pick up the pace, because after two hills, III is coming up. peak (809,1 m n. m.) just below the saddle Príslop nad Bielou. From the crossroads in Biela you will only have to walk 1.8 km, but the elevation gain is 212 m (approx. 23 min)! For the last 200 m the bikes are pushing. Your reward will be hopefully a good feeling and a picturesque view of the village of Zázrivá – Biela and the panorama of Mala Fatra. Prepare for the descent and continue down. This section also follows a hiking trail, so watch out for hikers.

Those who want to replenish their energy can stop in Zázrivá – Petrova in the wooden houses in Jánošík’s yard. After leaving the restaurant, turn left onto the main blue/red cycle path, direction Terchová. The last, IV. top of the stage (753,9 m n. m.), saddle Rovná hora. From the turnoff it is about 2.14 km and the last climb can be very difficult. From the Rovná hora saddle continue in the direction of Terchová.


Green – no. 5477 Terchovským chotárom, Zelená – no. 5436 Zázrivá – Čremoš – Petrová, yellow – no. 8431 Shortcut valley