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Snow skates Sled dogs first time on Slovakia!
The best riders on snow skates came to Slovakia. It was first time when this attraction was in Slovakia! We offered a few photos yesterday. It is good to say something about it. That is the reason why we offer you more photos from yesterday. It was very nice day in Vratna. Saturday like this can be called unique Saturday. 
It is February but the weather reminds Spring skiing. Sunny weather, snowy slopes and traditional Slovakian cones with jam and adrenaline attraction snow skates Sled Dogs Snowskates Official . It is good recipe for day with lot of experiences and lot of fun. It was very good weather finally also on Poludňový gruň. We worked hard to open Poludnovy grun for you. We are still trying to bring you something new to give a reason why to visit us again. We all hope that you enjoyed your day in Vratna. We hope that you had a rest and you are ready for your work week. We would like to say thank you to the company Sled dogs that they chose Vratna to introduce snowskates for a first time to Slovakia. We would like say thank you also to the Hotel*** Boboty for delicious Slovakian cones with jam, which is not usually offered. 

Thank you very  much for great  day!


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