At the beginning
were the shepherds

The shepherds, known as ‘walruses’, were a characteristic part of the region. Their typical way of life involves grazing cattle on mountain meadows. The Wallachian shepherds moved their flocks to the upper part of the valley where there were rich pastures. This way of life was closely linked to nature and to traditions passed down from generation to generation. Apart from cattle grazing, the Vrátna valley had other activities such as agriculture, timber industry and handicrafts.

During 1. World War II, the area of Vrátna valley was owned by the count family of Majláth, who used it as a hunting ground.

The origins of skiing date back to the 1920s and 1930s. By 2. World War, there was only one tourist facility in the area except for the cottage under Chleb and the cottage under Rozsutec in Štefanová.