A wonderful classic – a hike along the ridge with a start in the Vrátna valley to the Snilovský saddle, through Chleb, Hromové to Poludňový grúň and on the way back there are two options – to the Vrátna Cottage or to Paseky – Starý dvor.

It’s one of the most popular ridges with beautiful views. The hike leads along the ridge of Krivanská Mala Fatra with views of the surrounding peaks of Veľký Rozsutec or Veľký Kriváň. The unwooded ridge with sections of high mountain character offers views of both the Turčianska and Žilina sides.

You can start the hike from the parking lot at Chata Vrátna (paid parking lot) with a climb of about 774 m following the green sign. Or take the cable car to the Snilovský saddle (1524 m. n. m.) (buy tickets for the Chleb cable car at the best price via our e-shop here). The trip up by cable car will shorten the route by about 2 hours. On the route from Snilovský sedlo, through Hromové, to the top of Poludňový Grúň you will pass a section with a small elevation gain, but after which follows probably the most difficult section of the route to the Chata na Grúni, where it is necessary to overcome a steep descent of about 500 vertical meters on a 1.5 km long section. Hiking poles are also suitable. If it has rained a few days before this hike, descend with caution, the terrain can be slippery. Follow the yellow marker. The route is clear in terms of orientation, in the upper parts of the hills the orientation is facilitated by pole markings. Ideally, of course, it should be done in good weather. Even older children who have already done some hiking can handle it. The hike can also be done in the opposite direction.

We recommend using the chairlift Paseky, whose upper station is only a few minutes away from the Cottage na Grúni and you can take it to the parking lot Paseky – Starý dvor.

If you decide for this attractive variant of the ridge tour with the use of two cable cars, we recommend a circuit ticket, which you can buy at the ticket office of the resort (Paseky or chata Vrátna – valley station of the cable car). The price of this ticket includes a cable car export and a chairlift ride. This ticket can also be used the other way around, namely export by chairlift Paseky, hike along the ridge and descent down by cable car Chleb. As a bonus to this option is a large wooden swing, which is located at the top station of the chairlift Paseky. A giant bench with a beautiful view of Veľký Rozsutec is a novelty a stone’s throw from the swing. In the lower station of the Paseky chairlift, treat yourself to a well-deserved refreshment in the form of a quality draft beer with good food in the Humno restaurant with a summer terrace and a refreshed summer menu. If you have any energy left, you can have fun on the sports attractions. You will find mountain trikes, tubing, megatrampoline and bungee trampoline. To get to the car (max. 3 km), if you can no longer walk, you can use the Terchova train or bus connection (we recommend to find out in advance). If you take the bus to Vrátná, the bus stop is at both exits, respectively. the final points (the stop Vrátna-lift, i.e. the valley station of the cable car and the stop Vrátna Paseky-Starý dvor, i.e. the valley station of the chairlift), so the “problem” with the car is eliminated.