Vrátna – Chata na Grúni – Starý dvor

Length of route
5,1 km
Total time
01:45 h
230 m
Suitable for children

Start from Chata Vrátna (750 m) n. m.), where you can take a bus or a car and also park there. There is a charge for parking. Directly opposite the cottage, the yellow trail begins, which will pull you right into the forest. The trail is not difficult, it’s about 45 minutes of gentle climbing and can certainly be done even by smaller children. Walking through the forest is pleasant especially during hot summer days because, except for a few clearings, you are still in the shade of the trees. If you do get tired and need a moment to rest, there are a few wooden benches along the trail. When you come out of the forest, you have to walk the last 5 minutes along the meadow directly to the hut at an altitude of 970m. n. m. Here you can refresh yourself. Children can have fun on the playground with climbing frames and swings. If their feet don’t hurt, they can play their favourite ball games. Directly from the cottage there is a beautiful view of Veľký Rozsutec and the ridge of Malá Fatra.