The ridge of Mala Fatra through Stoh to Zázrivá

Length of route
14,3 km
Total time
05:00 h
613 m

Hrebeňovka up to Zázrivá: From Poludňový Grúň, where you came from Snilovský sedlo, you can reach the Medziholie saddle by following the red trail (see the variant to Štefánová). From there, take the yellow signpost to Pod Rozsutcom. It’s only 5 min. There is a green and a yellow sign in front of you. The green one will take you after 1,5 hours. passing through the forest will lead to the settlement of Biela. Another 20 min. on the asphalt road and you are on the main road no. 583 in the part Biela – Crossroads. The crossroads to Terchova in the part Zázrivá – Petrová can be reached only by the main road, which is very busy. Unfortunately, the bus service from one village to the other is poor (due to the two districts). You can reach Terchova on foot again along the main road in about 2.5 hours.

The yellow sign from the signpost Pod Rozsutcom also leads through the forest, but the way to the saddle Príslop nad Bielou also takes 1.5 hours. From there it is only half an hour through the meadows and you are in the part Zázrivá – Petrová. Return to Terchova again by road, but about half an hour shorter.