The best of Janosik’s holes – big circuit

Length of route
10,2 km
Total time
04:00 h
620 m

The beginning of this route is the same as for the small circuit up to the Podžiar shepherd’s hut (715 m). n. m.). Then you follow the blue trail to the most beautiful part of Jánošík’s Holes, which is Horné hole. The ladders and waterfalls are not only higher, but also much more beautiful. The valley of the Upper Holes will take you to the crossroads Pod Pálenicou (900 m n. m.) You can finish the circuit here by crossing to the green sign pointing to the Vrchpodžiar saddle. And from there go down to Štefanová or to the hotel Diery. But you would be missing out on another beautiful part, and that is the valley of the Tesna Rize. This will lead you to the saddle of Medzirozsutce (1200 m n. m.) from where you then return along the green trail with beautiful views of Vrchpodžiar (745 m n. m.). Here you can again decide whether to return through the Lower Holes, which you missed on the way up, to the Biele Potok to the Hotel Diery, or to run down to Štefanová.