Mount Osnica from Stefanova

Length of route
10,3 km
Total time
04:15 h
747 m
Maximum height
1362 m above sea level.

Osnica is one of the less visited hills of Malá Fatra, because together with Rozsutec and Stoh it forms a kind of imaginary triangle and thus has a lot of competition. It rises at an altitude of 1,363 m., the top is meadow and grassy, but just near the top you may be surprised by a rock outcropping that you do not expect on the way to it at all. Osnica is accessible all year round by marked hiking trails from Štefanovňa, Párnica or Zázrivá and the climb is not very difficult. If you are looking for a quiet place with a perfect view of Veľký Rozsutec, Osnica is a choice you will not regret. The views from the top are really worth it. In case of good weather you can see the Low and Western Tatras, Babia Mountain or Veľký Choč.