Educational trail through the Jánošík Chotárom

Length of route
16,7 km
Total time
05:45 h
767 m
Suitable for children

If you want to experience the views of the hills you have already walked, or exchange ladders and rock climbing for solid ground under your feet, a trip along the Jánošík’s Chotárom nature trail may be the right choice.

It leads through the Terchov settlements and hills and is marked with a green sign. It begins and ends in Terchova at the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius. On the circular route, 13.5 km long, you can learn a lot of information about Terchová from ten information boards. Above the church, proceed slightly to the right along Úboč Hill. Through the settlement Kýčera, which is already in Bielá Potok, you will reach the crossroads of Poľana – signpost no. 4. The path to this point is through meadows, along a beaten track. There is a cross with a bench offering a beautiful view of Veľký and Malý Rozsutec and part of the ridge of Malá Fatra. Several films have been shot on this site, one of them is “Janosik. True History” (2009), directed by Agnieszka Holland, Kasia Adamik. Continue following the green sign. The descent to Šípková takes less than 30 min. and here you have already half of the trail behind you. If you would like to refresh yourself, you have to walk along the main road for about 10 min. to the settlement Vyšní Repáňovci. Go right at the crossroads and you will see a small pub with a terrace.

In case you would like to end your journey here, you can, there is a bus stop to Terchova. If you have already refreshed yourself and want to continue, do not return to the main road, but follow the green road in the direction of Šmehýlovci settlement – sign no. 7. From there it is again a crossing through the settlements on meadows, up to the table no. 10 – Panská Lúka.

Then you are on the main road again and you have only 2 km to Terchova. It takes about 6 hours to walk the entire trail. So be sure to bring something to nibble on. Considering the weather, it is suitable for trips throughout the year. The route is also crossed by other marked hiking trails with the possibility of descending or turning off during the trip. It is an ideal hike for families with children, mountain bikers or winter hikers.