Terchová – Žilina – Terchová

Length of route
69,3 km
Total time
06:00 h
1 645 m

A route for fit cyclists or a day trip for hobby riders. The start is from Terchova from the church of St. Cyril and Methodius, from where you will take the main road towards Žilina, following the blue sign. About 200 m by LIDLA turn right, direction Horná Tižina. At Panská meadow near the wooden house turn left, direction Horná Tižina, until you reach the saddle Káčerovci.

You have one sharp climb ahead of you. You have a choice of two options: from the settlement Káčerovci go down to the settlement Skaličanovci on Lutišce. Here turn left onto the state road and you can enjoy the next hill on the asphalt or turn left at Káčerovci and follow the forest road to the Lutiska saddle without a difficult climb on the relative contour. At the Lutiška saddle, turn right and continue along the blue trail until you reach Žilina. If you have come from Lutis along the contour line, take the right and then at the lime tree immediately to the left. There’s also a direction post, so you should have no trouble finding it. On the way you will see a nice bell tower. From Melišov go down to Horný Vadičov. From Horný Vadičov you continue to Kotrčina Lúčka along the dirt road uphill again. And the final and the last hill from Kotrcina Lucka to Zástranija is coming and only the finish on asphalt to Žilina. In Žilina, in the Budatín district, you can see the garden of Budatín Castle. The cycling route along the Váh River (red sign) will take you to the Žilina Waterworks. Continue on past the Water Works through Strečno to Varín. At the beginning of Varín, turn right on the green sign, direction Pod Jedľovinou – there is a bit of a climb here. Continue to Kurska valley, from there follow the red trail past the salaš to Dolna Tižina, through Tižina to the cooperative, or you can shorten the route straight through the village past the church to the cooperative. From Dolná Tižina continue along the gravel road through Bela to Terchová. Keep following the red cycle path. This whole stretch, up to Terchova, you ride with ascent and descent, like on a swing.


Clay 32 %, Gravel 16 %, Asphalt 52 %