Belian Rocks

Length of route
11,9 km
Total time
04:00 h
442 m
Suitable for children

A beautiful, not very demanding hiking trail to the Belské skaly leads directly from the village of Belá or from the crossroads Bránica. The rocks are also a popular location for rock climbers, in the rocks you can find handholds for climbing with better observation. From the crossroads Bránica from the main road towards Terchová, follow the green sign towards the ridge of Mala Fatra. At Mala Bránica you will cross the yellow marked trail, which will lead you to the edge of the village of Belá to the Belský brook and continues on through the Belská valley. Beyond the bridge over the brook, the trail turns directly to the Belské Rocks. A short, sharper ascent will take you to the first lookout. The marked trail through the mixed forest will lead you to two other secured viewpoints with beautiful views of the Belská valley, Žilina basin and the village of Belá, you will also see the Žilina waterworks and the ridge of the Little Fatra with Priehyb. The steep parts on the way to the highest lookout are secured with climbers and chains (the chains in the rocks can be circumvented by a steeper path). If you want to shorten the route (ideal for families with children), you can take a bus or a car to the bus terminus in Bela, where on the way to Belská dolina you will connect to the yellow marked trail leading along the stream. Hiking boots are required. As a reward in the summer months, the well-known Belská ice-cream just at the turn off the main road will come in handy.