General terms and conditions: winter

Terms and conditions and general information for the ZS 2022/2023

  1. The purchase of a ski pass by the client (passenger) and the use of his/her right to transport by boarding the transport equipment (lift or cableway) or entering the boarding or alighting area of the transport equipment on the basis of the purchased ski pass results in the conclusion of a contract for the transport of persons between the client and OMNITRADE, a.s. (hereinafter also referred to as the “operator”) pursuant to § 760 et seq. Civil Code. By concluding the contract, the client also confirms that he/she has familiarised himself/herself with the transport conditions, the price list valid in the Vrátna Malá Fatra ski resort, the current snow and weather conditions and that he/she has also familiarised himself/herself with the White Code (Annex No. 8 of Decree No. 23/2006 Coll. The client also undertakes to respect and observe the applicable tariff, transport, commercial and complaint conditions of the operator and the White Code, i.e. the rules of movement and behaviour on the slope.
  2. All ski passes are in the form of chip cards. Each client is obliged to pay the price of the ski pass to the operator – for a chip card in the amount of EUR 4, which must be paid in cash in brick-and-mortar shops. The operator is not obliged to issue the ski pass to the client without payment for the ski pass. The client is obliged to return the ski passes issued in the ticket office to the operator after their use during the opening hours in the ticket offices of the resort (Paseky / Chleb) or in the Paseky Info Centre. The ski pass will be refunded only if the client returns a fully functional and intact ski pass, i.e. a ski pass without any defects.

    If the client wishes to recharge the card via the online shop “RETURN E-SHOP”, he/she can keep the chip card and assign it to his/her profile.

  3. Validity and use of the purchased ski pass – each ski pass is valid during the daily operating hours of the Vrátna Malá Fatra resort. The ski pass can be used on all operating cableways and ski lifts in the ski resort Vrátna Mala Fatra except for the “Easy” ski pass, which is valid only on the ski lifts for beginners, marked on the map with the letters K,L,S and P.
  4. The client is obliged to wear the chip card on the left side, preferably in the pocket on the windbreaker, and to show it to the operator of the transport equipment in the centre upon request. The client is also obliged to avoid placing the chip card in the immediate vicinity of the mobile phone (as there is a risk of deleting the encoded ticket type without the right to recharge it free of charge).
  5. Types of skipass:
    • Ski pass without the name of the ski pass holder (transferable ski pass): -1 day ski pass, – time depot ski pass (valid from the first pass through the turnstile),
    • 8-hour selection ski pass – the time limit starts after passing through the turnstile and every hour starts to count. This ski pass expires after 8 hours of skiing.
    • Ski pass with the name of the ski pass holder (non-transferable ski pass is valid only for the person in whose name the ski pass was issued, otherwise such ski pass will be blocked for the rest of the winter season): – valid for 2 to 7 day ski passes
    • Ski pass with a photo of the ski pass holder (season and 10-day ski pass) – is valid only for the person whose photo the ski pass was issued for, otherwise such ski pass will be blocked for the rest of the winter season.
    • The family ski pass is valid only for parents and their children by showing their ID and child’s insurance card. The name and address must be identical.
    • Night ski pass (season passes and 5-, 6- and 7-day ski passes have night skiing automatically included in the price).
  6. Tariff types:
    • Children’s ticket – children up to and including 6 years of age travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult, except in the Kid’s Zone, where children up to 6 years of age also need a separate ski pass. If your child is over seven years of age on the day of your visit, you must purchase a child’s ticket. Children aged 7 to 12 years / inclusive – i.e. up to 12 years, 11 months and 29 days / are entitled to a child ticket.
    • Seniors ticket – seniors aged 60 years and over and holders of a disability card are entitled to a junior/senior ticket.
    • Junior ticket – persons aged between 13 and 19 years /including – i.e. up to 19 years 11 months and 29 days/ are entitled to a ticket at the junior/senior fare. Holders of ISIC, ITIC and EURO26 discount cards are also entitled to a junior ticket. The discount on the discount cards applies only to the purchase of a 4-hour, daily, multi-day ski pass and a round-trip ticket to KLD Chleb.
    • Adult ticket – persons aged between 20 and 59 years /including – i.e. up to 59 years 11 months and 29 days/ are obliged to purchase a ticket at the adult fare.
    • Family ticket – only for parents with children aged 7 to 12 years inclusive. Does not apply to pensioners and juniors.
  7. Purchase and pick up of ski pass – Ski passes can be purchased during the operation of the ski resort Vrátna Malá Fatra at seasonal prices (off-season, top and main season) in the ticket offices (in the locality Paseky and Chleb), in the Info Centre Paseky (on the side of the ticket office) or at any time through the electronic shop “VRÁTNA E-SHOP”. All passes are non-transferable. Ski passes issued in the name of the holder (multi-day and season passes,) are non-transferable from the moment of issue. The holder of these ski passes is obliged to enter his/her name and surname, date of birth and a photo will be taken at the ticket office in the resort. This information is only for the purpose of proving whether the ski pass is used by the person who is listed on the ski pass and in the system as the owner. Other ski passes become non-transferable at the moment of the first pass through the reading device (turnstile).For transport, use only ski passes purchased at the official sales points of the Vrátna Malá Fatra resort. Ski passes received or purchased from other persons (double use) are invalid and will be LOCKED when the visitor tries to use them! The visitor is obliged to present a valid ski pass when asked by an authorized employee of the ski resort. If the employee finds that the client is using an invalid or illegally discounted ski pass, it will also be LOCKED without refund.
  8. E-shop – The customer can purchase an online tariff in the online shop “VRÁTNA E-SHOP”, located at the internet address:, via the operator’s website, where the purchase price for the online tariff is paid by the customer using the GP webpay payment system. By purchasing an online tariff, the customer undertakes to respect and comply with the general terms and conditions, as well as the valid and effective operating regulations of the Vrátna Malá Fatra Ski Centre and the White Code, which are published on the website. The sale of online tariffs is carried out in accordance with generally binding legislation, in particular the Civil Code, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27. April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), the Consumer Protection Act and the E-Commerce Act.
    • Purchase – All natural and legal persons may purchase online tariffs through the online shop “GATE E-SHOP” in accordance with these terms and conditions, subject to the conditions set out below.
    • Registration – every user who is interested in making a purchase through “GATE E-SHOP” is obliged to fill in the displayed electronic form correctly and truthfully and to enter all the required information about his/her person. In case of registration, first name, last name, email address, date of birth, permanent address and password. In the case of a purchase without registration, first name, last name, email address, telephone number and address. This information is used only for the purpose of proving whether the ski pass is used by the person who is listed on the ski pass and in the system as the owner. Once all mandatory data has been entered, the registration is successful. The user has access to his account on “RETURN E-SHOP” after providing the correct login email and password. The login e-mail and password is entered by each user and is valid for the entire registration period. The user is entitled to change the password to his/her “RETURN E-SHOP” account, telephone number and address at any time. Changing the login email to the account is only possible upon the user’s request sent to the email address: OMNITRADE, a. s. is not responsible and shall not be liable for any damages incurred in connection with access to the account on the website .The user is obliged to keep his/her account login details confidential and protected in order to prevent their misuse. OMNITRADE, a. s. shall not be held liable for damages and other consequences caused by falsification or incorrect filling in of data at the creation, change or termination of membership in “VRÁTNA E-SHOP” .
    • Purchase procedure – after successful registration, the user selects the type of ticket, the date when he plans to use it and goes to the order detail, where he will see the shopping cart and all selected ski passes, respectively. tickets and also information on which names the ski passes/tickets are issued for, validity dates, chip ticket number (if assigned). The user will then be redirected to complete the order, where before confirming the order, the user must agree that he/she has read the personal data processing policy, terms and conditions of the Vrátna ski resort. The main user also has the option to purchase the service for the benefit of the assigned user who will use the service (family member e.g. parent, child, spouse). After checking the order, the user proceeds directly to payment. All ski passes offered in the online shop “RETURN E-SHOP” have the current purchase price, which is valid at the time of sending the order by the user. All purchase prices include VAT. Only one online tariff can be activated per chip card. The next online tariff must be purchased (activated) only after the previous online tariff has been used up! If a new (additional) tariff is uploaded to the active tariff, it will be automatically deleted and the new tariff will come into effect, without refund!
    • Payment. Payment for the selected online tariff (hereinafter also referred to as “payment of the purchase price”) is made through the GP webpay payment system, where the customer is redirected after confirming the order of the online tariff and pressing the “PAY” button. After successful payment of the ordered online tariff, a confirmation email is sent to the customer’s email address specified in the order, which serves as a confirmation of payment (hereinafter referred to as the “confirmation email”) Orders are considered binding when they are confirmed by OMNITRADE, a.s. with a confirmation email and an invoice. If, during the process of payment of the purchase price through the GP webpay system, an amount representing the purchase price of the online tariff has been debited from the customer’s bank account without a subsequent confirmation e-mail being generated or if a similar technical error has occurred, resulting in an amount representing the purchase price of the online tariff being debited from the customer’s account without the purchase price having been paid, the customer is obliged to lodge such a claim exclusively with the bank that issued the card through which the unfulfilled transaction took place. Complaints filed with the operator will be disregarded. Purchases through the GP webpay payment system can be made at any time, the system is operational around the clock, except for technology breaks. The operator’s customers will be informed about planned technological interruptions of the system and the resulting inability to make payments during this period of time on the operator’s website without undue delay. Unless otherwise stated in these GTC, the purchase contract for the online tariff cannot be cancelled. In the event that the purchase price for the online tariff ordered by the customer is not credited to the bank account of the operator, the customer shall be deemed to have unilaterally withdrawn from the purchase contract for the online tariff at the moment of expiry of the calendar day or. the period for which you have subscribed to the online tariff.
    • Adding a card. The customer has the possibility to make the purchase in 2 forms:
      • If the owner of a valid chip card purchased at the Vrátna Malá Fatra resort (hereinafter referred to as the “chip card”), the purchase of a ski pass is made by entering the WTP number, which is indicated on the back of the chip card, which will recharge the card according to the user’s choice.
      • If he does not have a chip card, he chooses the “personal collection” option. After registration and purchase, the customer will be sent a confirmation email with an invoice, which will be used to collect the ski pass in the Info Centre at Paseky. When purchasing each ski pass, the price of the card will be added to the purchase price of € 4.
      • The chip card that the customer orders through the e-shop becomes his/her property. Ski passes are not returned. The customer will keep them and use them for their next purchase. If you wish to return them, you can do so in writing at the Information Centre at Pasekách. Upon return of the ski pass, the client’s account on “RETURN E-SHOP” will be deleted and the amount of 4,00 EUR for the chip card will be refunded. However, if the client hands over a non-functioning or. a physically damaged ticket, he/she is not entitled to a refund for the chip card.
    • Check Notice – The online tariff applies only to the specific date selected by the customer, which is the specific day or days for which the online tariff was purchased, or a specific part of that specific day in the case of four-hour and from 13:00. online tariffs(hereinafter referred to as the “Term”). In the case of a season pass, this is the entire winter season for which it was purchased, during the days when the resort is open. The online tariff cannot be used on a date other than the one for which it was purchased. If the online tariff is not used within the specific date purchased, the online tariff will be forfeited without the customer being entitled to a refund of the purchase price paid. The chip card is linked to the type of person (adult, child, junior, senior, etc.) The types of persons and the individual prices of the online tariffs that apply to them are, in accordance with Article 3 of these T&Cs, further defined in the valid price list, which is available on the operator’s website as well as in the Information Centre in Paseky and in the ticket offices in the Chleb and Paseky locality. The customer is obliged to prove the eligibility for discounted prices of online tariffs for certain types of persons (adult, child, junior, ISIC, ITIC, EURO26, disabled, senior) at any time upon the operator’s request by presenting a valid document from which the eligibility for the price category according to the type of person is based (ID card, health card of the insured, ISIC card, disabled, etc.). If the customer does not prove to the operator that he/she is entitled to the discounted price of the online tariff, the operator is entitled to exclude the customer from the transport without refunding the purchase price of the online tariff (block the card).
    • Claim – In the event that the delivered service contains defects (i.e. does not contain the ordered services, the chip is damaged, etc.), the customer is obliged to make a claim for defects (claim) without undue delay, in the following manner:
      • after it has ascertained the grounds for the claim, i.e. on the day on which the service has not been provided to the agreed or usual extent, quality, quantity and date, otherwise the right to make a claim shall lapse,
      • in person, depending on the service complained about, at the Paseky Information Centre or by e-mail at,
      • the customer is also obliged to specify exactly what the claimed defect consists of and also to indicate the time period, i.e. the time when or during which the defect occurred,
      • subsequently detected errors will not be accepted. Omnitrade a.s., after reviewing the complaint, will decide on the manner of handling the complaint within 30 days from the date of its application. The customer is obliged to provide documents related to the purchase of the service and other necessary assistance requested by the operator. Within the period for processing the complaint, the operator will send the customer an e-mail about the method of elimination of the defects of the complained service.
  9. Providing a refund for the ticket/ski pass – The client has the right to a refund if he/she has been transported to the KLD Chleb and LD Paseky summit station by transport equipment and the weather or technical conditions for the return transport are contrary to the life-threatening conditions. Valid when purchasing a return ticket only. Cancellation conditions do not apply to a one-way ticket and no refund can be made for an aliquot amount of the ticket.

    The client has the right to a refund or extension of the validity of the season pass only in the case of:

    • if the winter season does not start due to ongoing measures against the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus
      • the operator issues a voucher to the client, which entitles him to carry over the paid season pass to the next season.
    • if the winter season is interrupted due to the tightening of measures against the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus:
      • based on the specific situation, the operator will work out additional compensation for the season pass holders (e.g. refund of an aliquot amount, carry-over to the next season, other compensation)
    • if the season pass holder falls ill and is unable to work for a minimum of 21 days:
      • the operator allows the transfer of a season pass to another person of the same category on the basis of a doctor’s certificate, which the client is obliged to submit immediately or within 10 working days at the latest to the Paseky Information Centre. Transfer to another category is not possible.
    • if the season pass holder suffers an injury that prevents him/her from using the season pass:
      • the operator, on the basis of a doctor’s certificate, which the client is obliged to submit immediately or at the latest within 10 working days to the Paseky Information Centre, will refund an aliquot amount corresponding to the period from the moment of the accident to the end of the validity of the ski pass. allows the transfer of a season pass to another person of the same category. Transfer to another category is not possible.
      • In the event of an accident, monetary compensation is also provided for multi-day ski passes. In case the validity crosses over two parts of the ski season, the mixed price of the ski pass is not calculated, the price on the day of purchase of the ski pass is valid. In the event of an accident when purchasing hourly and daily ski passes, the client is not entitled to compensation.

    The client is not entitled to a refund of the amount paid, an aliquot amount or an additional exchange, refund or change/extension of the validity of the ticket or any other form of compensation in the event of non-use of the ski pass, respectively. its full time or unjustified failure to collect the ticket. In the event of loss, deterioration or forgetting of the ski pass, no refund or refund of the ski pass deposit will be given. In the event of bad weather, avalanche danger, interruption of mountain transport facilities, blocked slopes or early departure, if for these reasons the client will not be able to use the services to which the ski pass entitles him/her, the operator is not obliged to provide the client with any monetary compensation or to extend the validity of the ski pass. The operator reserves the right to stop the cableways and lifts in case of bad weather conditions, necessary repairs and revisions.

    When solving a problem (complaint) with a client, the cashier will ask the client (if he/she has a valid ticket and tax receipt) to write a complaint, respectively. requests in writing at the point of checkout, or to additionally send a complaint by post to the address, respectively. by e-mail: Vrátna Malá Fatra, Starý dvor, 013 06 Terchová, or. No other form of complaint is recognised! The Operator reserves the right to individually assess each case of a claim for services, the legitimacy of the claim, the customer’s requirements and the provision of a refund of the fare and its method or amount.

  10. Penalisation of the client in case of dishonesty – The client or any third party who is caught without a ski pass or with an invalid ski pass is obliged to pay the resort operator a fine in the amount of the value of the full-day ski pass with a 100% surcharge. In the case of a forged or fake ski pass, it will be withdrawn from the client without compensation and the holder may be fined up to € 1000 according to the individual assessment of the operator. In case of unauthorized use of the ski pass, the operator reserves the right to withdraw the ski pass without any compensation.
  11. Business activity – without the consent of the operator and the relevant permits (licence), the performance of business and other gainful activity in the Vrátna Malá Fatra resort is prohibited.
  12. Privacy Policy- Information regarding the protection of personal data collected about the customer is contained in a separate document available in brick-and-mortar stores as well as on the e-shop website.
  13. Final Provision- If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is or becomes invalid or ineffective, the provision under the applicable law that is closest to the invalid or ineffective provision will be used in place of that provision. Other provisions shall not be affected by the invalidity or ineffectiveness of such provision. The Operator is entitled to change or supplement the wording of these Terms and Conditions. This provision, however, does not affect the rights and obligations arising under the previous version of the terms and conditions. The version of the terms and conditions that is available on the operator’s website on the date of conclusion of the specific purchase contract is considered valid and effective.
  14. Contacts:

    MANAGER: Omnitrade, a.s. Miletičova 1, 821 01 Bratislava, operation: Vrátna dolina, Tel.:+421 903 266 231, email:, ID:35724633, VAT:2020267887