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Testovanie lyží Völkl

Do tretice vo Vrátnej testujeme ďalšiu obľúbenú značku lyží Völkl!

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Jednotkári lyžujú za EURO!

Mať skvelé vysvedčenie sa vypláca. Vo Vrátnej!

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Škoda snow show 2017

Škoda snow show zavíta aj túto zimnú sezónu 18.2.2017 k nám!

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36.ročník Interkriterium Vrátna 2017

Interkriterium Vrátna sú preteky s dlhoročnou históriou, ktorá sa začala písať v roku 1971, kedy Jana Krížová dostala skvelý nápad organizovať vo Vrátnej medzinárodné preteky pre nastávajúce hviezdy. Vďaka TJ Slovan Malá Fatra sa zorganizoval 1.ročník Interkiteria Vrátna 13.-16.2.1972.

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Eastern grill party

One of the tradition Slovakian holiday is coming. Eastern is coming and this year we do not forget on you. The main point is that skiing season in Vrátna free time zone is not over! How is that possible? Locality Chleb is still in good condition. Now it is time to enjoy this place.

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Audi day in Vrátna

We worked hard to keep winter in our ski centre and thanks to very good condition we can organize another event. We gave name to this event Audi day in Vratna. It has got on simply reason. As we have already mentioned you could take part to the competition to win Audi A3 for whole weekend with full tank. You can take part from 14.02.2016 to 14.03.

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Jánošíkova Valaštička

Jánošíkova Valaštička is traditional competition in alpine skiing and in snowboarding. This traditional competition is here again! Jánošíkova Valaštička is one of the oldest competition in alpine skiing. The competition organize RAW VRÁTNA in cooperation with Vrátna time zone and also with some volunteers how will help during the competition.

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EVO Diesel Roadshow

We find out that the Slovnaft company have new "face" . This face is newer, more beautiful. This new face will present in Vratna on event called EVO Diesel Roadshow. On the beginning of the Slovakian spring holiday (27.02.2016 - 28.02.2016) will be this event in Vrátna!

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Škoda snow show

It is one of our rule that after all of the event which we had in Vratna. We brought you some photo report. Today was day when you had possibilities to take part on event which called Škoda Snow Show. We should be thankful for snow. It was snowing a lot yesterday and that is the reason why we could enjoy this event.

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SNOW tour 2016 in Vrátna

Magazine SNOW will come to Vratna during their tour on Slovakia. On Wednesday 17.02.2016 from 9:00 to 16:00 will be possible to take party on this event. You can try every of the equipment for skiing and snowboarding for all day! You can find there some famous companies for example LEKI, Fischer, Smith and LEVEL. It will not be just about trying a

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Valentin's party

This Sunday 14th of February was day with lot of fun, lot of love and also we organized some competition for a couples. The reason of this event is very simple. It was Valentin's day. We prepared for you this event because we wanted to celebrate this day with you.

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