Nordic walking or Stick walking is very popular in the mountains during the summer months. This analogy of walking originated in Scandinavia, where it was mainly used by cross-country skiers in their training. It differs from athletic walking mainly in that Nordic-walking uses telescopic (or ski) poles.

The nature of the arm movement is similar to that of athletic walking. The length of the poles is calculated – 0.72 times the body height, or body height minus 50 cm.

The lower limbs perform an alternating movement, stepping on the whole foot (or slightly over the heel). It is performed either in the field (where we use sticks with a classic end) or on asphalt (where we use sticks with a rubber end).

The advantage of using the poles is less tension in the cervical spine, activation of the triceps brachii, the large pectoral muscle, the muscles of the back of the brachial plexus and the broad muscle of the back.

How to calculate the length of the poles and how to hold the Nordic walking poles

Height of statureHeight of the stick
200 cm135-140 cm
190 cm130-140 cm
180 cm125-135 cm
170 cm120-130 cm
160 cm110-120 cm
150 cm105-115 cm
140 cm100-110 cm