The 8-seater cable car Chleb will take you up to the Snilovský saddle to the top station at 1,494 m above sea level, thus overcoming 750 metres of altitude. The cable car ride itself is an experience for many.

The construction of the cable car and its commissioning in 2006 restored the operation of the most important tourist attraction in the region and at the same time reduced the uncontrolled movement of tourists outside the marked trails, which has a beneficial effect on plants and animals.

Some technical information

Upper station 1,494 m.a.s.l., lower station 744 m.a.s.l., transport speed: max. 6 m/s, altitude difference 750 m. It is a type of Doppelmayr single gondola with detachable Carvatech Ultra cars. Designed for transporting hikers, skiers and snowboarders.