Bikepark Skill Zone

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There are 8 elements in 3 difficulty zones

Zone 1

Suitable for beginners, it offers the opportunity to learn basic balancing exercises on safe obstacles designed for this purpose (elements such as straight bridges, riding around cones, …).

Zone 2

Zone 2 is moderately challenging. Suitable for cyclists who are already confident on the bike, but want to improve their balance and prepare for more difficult trails, for which they do not yet have the skills (elements such as wooden benches, wide tipping swings, narrower bridges,…).

Zone 3

Zone 3 is challenging and suitable for experienced cyclists who already have good balancing skills and know how to work with their body weight. Preparation for difficult courses and elements in them (elements such as narrow benches, jumps, tilting swings, pyramids,…).

Enjoy every jump and every stumble in one of the most beautiful environments Slovakia has to offer. We look forward to seeing you too! Hor to Vrátna!


Helmets are required and body protectors are recommended. Read more in the Operating Regulations of Bike Park Vrátna Paseky.

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